Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5km for Haiti

If you are still paying attention to the situation in Haiti, you will see that many aid workers have a particular concern. As with any devastating natural disaster, a lot of money comes rushing in right after the event. While this is great, sustained financial support is critical. In order to successfully bring relief to the earthquake victims, the flow of money cannot stop.

A close volunteer friend of mine, Hanneke, recognized this and decided that although we, as Peace Corps Volunteers, cannot help financially, we should do something. For this reason, my fellow '08-'10 Health Volunteers and I will participate in a 5km for Haiti on February 20.

We will be in Rabat the week prior for a Close of Service Conference, and will participate in the 5km at the end of our conference. We will be running/walking at a park in Rabat, next to the Sofitel hotel at 9am. Both Volunteers and Peace Corps staff will be involved, and we are looking for support from family and friends.

I understand that I've been asking for a lot over the past year........lots and lots of requests for women's center donations, so now I only ask for $5 to support my fellow volunteers and I running to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. You can donate at the Partners in Health (I blogged about this wonderful organization here) website, here, under our group's donation page.

Just in case you just missed the link, here it is again:

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

so how did the race turn out? How did you feel physically afterwards? Was it fun?
Love, you,